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2008-03-17 21:32:31 by PsyWoofers

So guys... We have some gut news 4 u...
If you have read our posts be4 you should know we changed our name from PsyWoofers 2 FreezeBees... BBUTT the account will remain the same... Damn... couldn't change our user name so you will see our name as FreezeBees and next to it (PsyWoofers).
We are also working on a my(fuckin)space account so that our fans can get to freely listen and comment and stuff and get more famous and ... and... That's about all...

Hails to all...


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2008-03-30 16:43:35

I like your music.

That is all.

PsyWoofers responds:

Thanks dood!!!


2008-05-19 16:15:17

You guys are sweet !!!!

PsyWoofers responds:

HAHA Thanks dude!


2008-07-01 07:02:59

Mehehe Nice teamwork for making songs dudes. :)
I love them, however I didn't knew DJ johnny is in there too. :P
ah well, I hope to hear more from you guys, as always you 2's songs are just awesome! And sure I will check your peoples MySpace. :D
greetz and the best wishes: ~-unrealdark2-~


2008-08-05 23:01:50

You have got to make another song like "last showdown" it was kicka$$.