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2008-12-15 13:01:05 by PsyWoofers



2008-03-17 21:32:31 by PsyWoofers

So guys... We have some gut news 4 u...
If you have read our posts be4 you should know we changed our name from PsyWoofers 2 FreezeBees... BBUTT the account will remain the same... Damn... couldn't change our user name so you will see our name as FreezeBees and next to it (PsyWoofers).
We are also working on a my(fuckin)space account so that our fans can get to freely listen and comment and stuff and get more famous and ... and... That's about all...

Hails to all...

Electronic Symphony 2nd Movement!!!

2008-03-08 18:57:29 by PsyWoofers

Okay guys, as promised, we're making a second movement for the Electronic Symphony!!! We have been working on it for more than a month and (sadly) we haven't finished it yet...BUT we will put a Demo here for all of you to lisen to what we have made so far, its not remastered yet, and it has many mistakes, but we will be very happy to read your reviews and u can feel free to give us some pointers and tips.

Stay Tune!


We have big news for all of you, we have finally finished our new track "Legato" in which again we convine elements of Classical music with modern Trance, and now the BIG NEWS:

We're working on the SECOND MOVEMENT OF ELECTRONIC SYMPHONY! And its just about to be released, so stay tune!